Organic food

Organic food is food produced in a manner that complies with the standards of organic farming. Organic production is a strictly governed and certified method of production, regulated by the same laws in all EU member states.

In the programme of the Finnish Government “the share of domestic organic products in food production, food processing, domestic consumption and exports will be increased.” More information on webpages of the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

The Finnish Organic Food Association, Pro Luomu, is an organisation focusing on collaboration among operators in the organic food field, with the aim of fostering the growth of the sector in Finland.

The Finnish Organic Association, Luomuliitto, is a joint advocacy organisation for the entire Finnish organic food sector. It encompasses consumers and producers alike. The association serves as an independent mouthpiece for organic production in various working groups and negotiations. It also prepares statements and proposals on the topic. In addition, the association produces Finland’s only independent publication in the organic sector, The Organic Magazine.

The portal offers practical information on organic foods to both consumers and professionals (operators in retail, production, processing, and professional cooking).

The Finnish Organic Research Institute (FORI)  is a network of experts jointly run by the University of Helsinki and Natural Resources Institute Finland. It is aimed at promoting organic production in all stages of the food-production chain in Finland. The FORI network provides research information on organic products to consumers and professionals alike, in various fields. On its Web site, FORI publishes articles, presentations, and recordings of lectures by its experts.

The Steps to Organic is a programme promoting the use of organic foods and sustainable work practices in professional kitchens. Applying the programme entails five steps, each with its own requirements for the use of organic ingredients.