Natural food

Natural food products include berries, mushrooms, herbs and sap, but natural products also include decorative plants and raw ingredients for wellness and beauty products, for example. The natural produce sector in Finland differs from other agricultural and gardening sectors due to the high volume of export: half of the berries and mushrooms picked from forests for the purposes of commerce are exported.

The strategy for the natural produce sector can be found on the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland’s website: Natural products are an important part of Finland’s bioeconomy resource. (in Finnish) serves the entrepreneurs and developers of the natural produce sector in Finland. The site offers know-how and knowledge of business and development in the sector, as well as seeks to help in strenghtening co-operation in the field.

Suomen luontoyrittäjyysverkosto ry (in Finnish) is a national organisation promoting co-operation between companies and actors in the natural produce sector and seeks to advance entrepreneurship through means of conmmunication, guardianship and advancing the field nationally. The organisation was founded in 2001, with a focus on activities that improve the prerequisites of operation in the sector. The organisation highlights entrepreneurship in the natural produce sector as customer oriented, professional and sustainable.