REKO for consumers

Who is it for? 
You want to buy fresh and delicious food at an affordable price. 
You want to know what you’re eating: locally produced food, with a known origin. 
You want to buy local, ecologically sound products. 
You’re interested in food. You’re curious and want to try new products and new purchase channels. 

Is it easy on the wallet?
You can buy fresher food at a lower price. 
You don’t pay for advertising or intermediaries. 
You don’t pay for unnecessary packaging or transport. 
You can support the local economy and your own community. 

Is it good for the community?
You get the opportunity to meet the person who produces your food. You may even get a chance to visit the production location, if so agreed. 
You can meet like-minded consumers, with similar values and interests. 
You can share experiences and recipes, perhaps even exchanging products. Meeting others halfway fosters trust and community spirit. 

Is it good for the environment? 
You can eat seasonal, locally produced food. 
There’s no unnecessary packaging or transport. 
You buy your food from a producer who can look you in the eye.
You know where the food comes from.
You can utilise all products. A carrot’s shape doesn’t affect its taste! 

And does it tickle the taste buds? 
You get fresh produce, harvested at its peak.
These are exciting, unusual varieties not found in a supermarket.
The products are prepared with skill and love – and with no unnecessary additives.