REKO for producers

A larger piece of the sales pie for the producer 

REKO’s main principles are…

  • No retail sales
  • Keeping things as local as possible
  • Ethical production, preferably organic
  • Operations are open and transparent and the producer is obliged to provide information on their products and production

The network moderator has the right to set other criteria for selection of producers for the REKO network.

How do I join a REKO network?

You can find existing REKO networks on the maps here.

Contact the moderator if you are interested in joining a REKO network.

Products must not be advertised before the moderator has approved them. The moderator is entitled to remove a notice from any producer who has not been accepted to the group (even if orders for the products have been made).

Guidelines for REKO operators in Finland

The Finnish REKO guidelines include information on the food-related legislative requirements that must be taken into account in the sale of products via a REKO network. These guidelines can be used as a baseline for setting up a network anywhere in the world, but be sure to check the local legislation for necessary edits.

The REKO guidelines in Finland (information on the food-related legislative requirements).

REKO for a moderator

Are you interested in setting up a REKO network in your area? It’s easy to get started.
You can read more on page 4 of the brochure (in Finnish).

How can I set up a REKO group on Facebook?

REKO networks work through Facebook groups. Each Facebook group has a moderator who establishes the group and accepts new producers and consumers to it.

It is good to have more than one moderator for each group (ideally, three people, who may be either producers or consumers).

A REKO network may be started by anyone. The name of the network should include the word ‘REKO’. Each group’s description includes information on the principles of operation for the group. 

The network moderator has the right to determine other criteria to be used in selection of producers for the REKO network.