Local food – but of course!

Local food is one of the priorities of Finnish food policy. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry prepared a Local Food Programme in collaboration with different stakeholders. It was adopted as a Government Resolution on 16 May 2013. Programme has been updated in spring 2021.

Local food is locally produced

In the Local Food Programme, local food means locally-produced food that promotes the local economy, employment and food culture of the region concerned, has been produced and processed from raw material of that region, and is marketed and consumed in that region. In this context, region means the traditional ‘maakunta’ or a corresponding or smaller regional entity.

The measures of the Local Food Programme also cover special food products with the most significant markets locally but which are also sold through various channels in other parts of Finland. These products are mainly produced by small companies.

The Local Food Programme also highlights short supply chains. Local food and the local origin and supply of food relate, in particular, to short supply chains. They are defined by a small number of actors in the chain, close cooperation between actors, growth of the local economy, and geographical and social contacts between producers and consumers.

More information: http://mmm.fi/en/local-food