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True flavours – a guarantee and information on foods’ origins

Small companies, employing fewer than 20 people and primarily operating locally, form a central part of the food sector. These small companies engage mainly in bakery operations and processing of vegetables, fruit, berries, and meat. They greatly contribute to maintaining and developing Finnish culinary culture. 
The national local food co-ordination project has now updated the ‘Aitoja makuja’ message. The label reflects small food companies’ operations and assists in communication about local foods. Local food has established itself as an attractive option among both consumers and professionals. The “Aitoja makuja” message (pdf) has three aspects: the complete experience, local roots and sustainability.

Guidance on selling direct to customers

Product card
A product card helps goods suppliers and retailers to evaluate the products offered. More information in Finnish and Swedish

Company search service
Companies can have their information added to the website via their regional bodies. The following links provide contact details for the regional bodies in your area.
If a company wants to change its information or completely remove its details from the service, this also has to be done via the regional body in the area concerned.
Data protection policy in accordance with the Personal Data Act (523/99) (in Finnish).
A food business on the website is itself responsible for its products, marketing, sales and the accuracy of the data provided on the website.

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In addition there are a great many activities in the regions which provide companies with assistance and advice on running their own businesses. Contact the regional bodies.